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  • Nam Long Bus Services: The public transportation provider.
  • Passengers: Commuters using Nam Long buses.
  • Cloud Services: The cloud-based data storage and processing system.
  • neoHome System: The integrated home platform used by passengers.
Description: Nam Long Bus Services is implementing an innovative bus and passenger monitoring system that utilizes magnetic cards, QR codes, cloud computing, and the neoHome system. This use case outlines the scenario in which this system is applied. Preconditions:
  • Nam Long Bus Services has integrated the magnetic card and QR code system into their buses.
  • Passengers have registered with the neoHome system and connected it to their mobile devices.
  • Cloud services are operational and connected to the bus monitoring system.
Basic Flow:
  1. Passenger Identification: Passengers receive magnetic cards or QR codes upon registration with Nam Long Bus Services. These identification methods are linked to their neoHome accounts.
  2. Bus Entry: Passengers board the bus and either swipe their magnetic cards or scan the QR codes upon entry. The system registers their presence and starts monitoring their journey.
  3. Data Collection: The system collects real-time data, including the passenger count, boarding location, and timestamp. This information is sent to the cloud for storage and analysis.
  4. neoHome Integration: Passengers can access real-time bus information through their connected neoHome system. They receive updates on the bus’s location, estimated arrival time, and any delays.
  5. Passenger Alerts: Passengers receive notifications and alerts related to their bus journey, such as changes in routes, delays, or safety updates.
  6. Data Analysis: The cloud system processes and analyzes the collected data. It provides insights to Nam Long Bus Services for route optimization, scheduling improvements, and capacity management.
  7. Bus Exit: Passengers swipe their magnetic cards or scan the QR codes again when they disembark from the bus. The system records their exit.
  • Data on passenger journeys is stored in the cloud system for future reference.
  • Passengers have access to real-time bus information through their neoHome system.
  • Nam Long Bus Services can use the data and insights for improving their services.
Alternative Flows:
  • Data Loss: In the event of a data loss or connectivity issue, the system will continue monitoring passengers, but the data may not be immediately accessible. Passengers can still use their neoHome system for bus tracking.
  • Passenger Non-compliance: If a passenger does not use the magnetic card or QR code, the system will not have data for that particular journey. However, other passengers using the system will not be affected.
Exception Flows:
  • Technical Issues: If there are technical issues with the magnetic card or QR code system or the neoHome platform, Nam Long Bus Services will need to address and resolve the issues to ensure smooth operation.
This use case illustrates how Nam Long Bus Services employs an integrated bus and passenger monitoring system to enhance passenger experience and optimize their services. The combination of magnetic cards, QR codes, cloud computing, and the neoHome system ensures efficient data collection and real-time information for passengers.